The Hallow Review

November 28, 2015


First time director Corin Hardy’s (he already assigned to the remake of The Crow) debut with the Irish folk tale The Hallow is a creature feature masterpiece that will have fanboys drooling.

Tree conservationist Adam (Joseph Mawle) and his wife Claire (Bojana Novakovic move from London to an Irish millhouse where Adam takes his son Finn and dog into the woods to go to work with him.  They discover a dear carcass dripping black goo that Adam collects to bring back to the house to study.  Adam discovers that it’s a “zombie fungus” that attaches to and takes control of its host.  We’re told early on in the movie that if you trespass in the forest the forest will trespass on you.


Strange things start to happen at the house including a broken window in the room that Finn sleeps in that Adam thinks is a neighbor.  A police officer tells him, “This isn’t London and here things do go bump in the night”.

Neighbor Colm Donnelly (Michael McElhatton) tries to tell the couple that entering the forest puts the baby at risk, but Adam doesn’t believe in fairies, banshees, changelings, baby stealers and other creatures that lurk in the forest.  Claire is given a book by Colm that talks about the creatures in the forest including the baby stealers which Adam reads and soon he realizes that there might be some truth to the stories.


The creatures appear as a combination of puppets, animatronics,  prosthetics and CGI.  The action really kicks off when Adam gets locked in his car trunk while he hears loud scratching all around and something tries to get to Finn.

We were led to believe by the way the movie ends that there may be a sequel.



Hashtag Horror Review

November 28, 2015


#horror is a slasher/art film by first time director Tara Subkoff.  The film actually features a pretty impressive cast including Chloe Sevigny, Balthazar Getty and Timothy Hutton who puts on a stellar performance as a widowed father who goes looking for his daughter Cat (Haley Murphy) who goes missing after she’s kicked out of a pre-teen slumber party.


The movie takes places in a home that’s an architectural masterpiece in the Connecticut hills owned by by Alex (Sevigny) which features a gallery worth or art pieces.  The young girls are obsessed with their cell phones on which they play a social media game that’s part Candy Crush, part Twitter and part Instagram.  They take pictures  with the app tagging each other with mean tags racking up points along the way.


During the slumber party the girls play different games such as dressing up in expensive jewelry and masks (think Purge), dancing and swimming.  The whole while they’re bullying each other with Cat being so mean making fun of an overweight girl and telling her that she should just kill herself until the party’s host actually kicks Cat out into the woods.  Little is it known that there’s a killer on the loose who isn’t revealed until the final act.  Who it winds up being might actually surprise you.


The movie is slowing until the final twenty minutes or so, but the cinematography and set dressing keeps it easy to watch.  The young girls actually give a pretty decent performance and Hutton’s acting is excellent especially when he confronts the girls about his missing daughter.

#horror is definitely a social commentary on bullying and the obsession with cell phones and social media.  The film isn’t as violent as some slasher fans might like and it does move a little slow, but we found it entertaining and different.  We wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending it.



New sci-fi film STAR LEAF teams with NASA to promote a space launch!

November 26, 2015


The creators of the sci-fi horror film “STAR LEAF” are having a contest to promote a space launch by aerospace company RocketStar at NASA’s Cape Canaveral 39c Launch Pad in the coming weeks. The launch will be filmed by Discovery Channel Canada.

According to a recent article in Popular Mechanics, New York-based RocketStar technologies has designed a single-stage rocket capable of reaching orbital altitudes using its Aerospike engine technology. RocketStar hopes to lead the way in the new space economy, allowing anyone to put a small CubeSat Satellite into space for around $6,000.

The first launch will be a test to reach 10,000 feet in altitude. Star Leaf Enterprises is having a contest to decide what exactly should be put in the rocket as part of the test flight. Winners will receive “Star Leaf” autographed DVDs and merchandise. NASA will not allow any actual cannabis on the flight – but any item (cannabis-inspired only) under two ounces is allowed. Contest submissions can be tweeted to @starleafmovie on Twitter.

Founder and CEO of RocketStar Christopher Craddock says the technology can eventually offer cannabis entrepreneurs future “space delivery” of their products to orbiting space stations, or orbital drops anywhere in the world in 20 minutes (where legal).

Whether the ability to launch “space weed” chalks up to anything more than a publicity stunt for cannabis companies and entrepreneurs or not, it still offers the public the opportunity to reach out to the cosmos as part of a booming new space industry being led by civilian and private contractors.

The film “Star Leaf” is about an extra-terrestrial strain of marijuana that lands on earth in the distant past. The film’s producers are excited to be a part of RocketStar’s early launch testing and realize the opportunity to have “ET Weed” in real life simply can’t be missed.

“It might sound silly to some, but the idea of being able to connect a concept in the film to something tangible in real life is amazing,” says the film’s director, Richard Cranor. “Why not launch weed into space? It might prevent an invasion from an aggressive alien species. You never know.”

Submit Your Contest Ideas by December 3, 2015, to:
https://twitter.com/starleafmovie @starleafmovie
(All possible launch items must weigh under 2 ounces. CANNOT BE ACTUAL CANNABIS.)
RocketStar Space Program: rocketstar.nyc
RocketStar Overview Video: https://vimeo.com/122190298
Star Leaf now available on Amazon, Google Play. and iTunes
All entries must be received by December 3, 2015. In the event of multiple same ideas being selected, the first entry received will receive the prize for that idea. Winners will receive a free autographed DVD, rolling papers, and poster – as well as a thank you video from one of the film’s stars, Ranger Dave. Actual launch date subject to NASA inspections and timetable.




GhostStop is Having a Black Friday Sale

November 25, 2015

Ghost Hunting Equipment
Black Friday Sale!
Starts Thanksgiving Day


Happy Thanksgiving! GhostStop is having a BIG sale this weekend with up to 60% OFF on over 60 items. PLUS get a FREE flashlight, FREE Gus the Ghost glow-in-the-dark keychain PLUS Reward Tokens with every order. Orders for $250 or more get a FREE limited edition Gus the Ghost figure. See their web site for all the details and save on all your ghost hunting equipment.

Click here to go shopping now

Sneak Peek at the Deals

Free flashlight and glow-in-the-dark ghost keychain with every order
Reward Tokens with every order
Free limited edition Gus the Ghost figure with order over $250


Stay updated on New Equipment, Giveaways, Sales, events and everything else happening at GhostStop on our Facebook and Twitter pages. On Facebook make sure to click ‘Following‘ and ‘Get Notifications’ to make sure you see our announcements.

Check out more ghost hunting equipment at www.GhostStop.com or visit their shop in Historic Downtown Saint Cloud, Florida, USA if you are in the area.

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Lillin’s Brood to be Released Valentine’s Weekend

November 25, 2015


Lilin’s Brood (psychological thriller chiller/horror) has been picked up for distribution and will be released on ITUNES and AMAZONPRE SALES will start on 28 JAN 2016 and will be officially RELEASED on 12 FEB 2016 (Valentines Weekend).

A “New Media” news coverage team (W.H.I.S.T.L.E.) is stranded near a beleaguered brothel in the middle of nowhere; recovered footage will reveal what happens when they encounter a group of women with a terrifying secret.

Concept Teaser for Lilin’s Brood from Arthur Smith on Vimeo.


GSHE Meetup Group to Host Holiday Dinner at a Haunted Restaurant and Devil’s Gate Investigation

November 25, 2015


Have dinner with friends (old and new) at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Duarte. The building used to be a school that was established in 1909. The basement was used as a morgue for the Japanese Internment Camp that was across the street at the Santa Anita Racetrack. There’s many paranormal stories related to the locations that may be caused by a principal that hung himself, a kid that was accidentally shot by a police officer after he broke into the building when it was boarded up and four kids who fell down the stairs leading to the basement who died from head injuries. Children’s laughing is heard, objects have been seen to move and there’s been the sound of a piano playing. We will have the “hideaway” room reserved until 10pm.


After dinner we will head to Devil’s Gate Dam where I personally have had some of my craziest experiences. This is near where Jack Parsons who was involved with Aleister Crowley’s OTO (Ordo Templis Orientis) performed his Babylon Working (a sex magick ritual that was to create an anti-Christ to take over the world). It is said that this ritual opened a portal at this location that the Native Americans already considered to be cursed. There have been children disappearances and well as two documented murders.


We will meet near the intersection of Alberta St and North Arroyo Blvd in Altadena

Here are some of the EVPs we captured last time we were there.


To join our Meetup group visit http://www.meetup.com/Golden-State-Haunts-Events-and-Investigations/


Golden State Haunts and Investigations Public Meetup Wednesday

November 24, 2015


Come learn about the paranormal and how you can join us on some of our favorite investigations

Where: Coco’s Restaurant
10841 Sepulveda Blvd, Mission Hills 91345
When: 7:30 PM

Through years of hard work, integrity and networking we’re able to get into exclusive haunted locations that have never or rarely been investigated.

Along with investigating and cleansing homes we’ve investigated exclusive places such as The Yost Theater and Ritz Hotel, The Silent Theater, Variety Arts Theater, White Oak Hotel and many Legion Halls, VFW Posts, Elks/Oddfellows/Knights of Columbus Lodges and hospitals.

This group is ran by Golden State Haunts and Events and Erik Vanlier who has 20+ years in the paranormal  field and was founder of Valley Investigators of the Paranormal. Seen on shows such as Haunted History, Haunted Encounters, My Ghost Story and Ghost Adventures.

As a group, Golden State Haunts and Investigations  will go to haunted attractions, horror films and festivals and abandoned locations.  Mainly though we will go on paranormal investigations.  Many of the investigations will be classified as high level (meaning a lot of energy/activity).

To join our Meetup visit http://www.meetup.com/Golden-State-Haunts-Events-and-Investigations/


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